Our Why

Our why comes from a true, heart-felt request that was so powerful and eye-opening that it led us to pivot our company so that we could solve this problem.

This is our story.

We began with the goal in mind of creating a lightweight, drop-in automated room control system for hotels. However, when showing this to one of our friends and neighbors, she offered a very powerful observation, with a simple request. This changed our company, completely. Dr Jean S., an ER Surgeon, was at the time traveling all across our country sub'ing at hospitals for fellow ER surgeons. As a petite asian lady traveling alone she wanted to know one thing. This was at the top of her list. And it didn't matter which hotel she stayed in. "When I open the door to my room", she said. "I just want to know that no one is inside. And that I'm safe."

This hit me sideways. I couldn't get away from the idea that some people didn't feel safe. Honestly, this never entered my mind until she brought it up. So we began research. And over the next 3 months we found this was a big problem that had not been addressed.

So, in January 2019, I made the decision to pivot our startup towards remote monitoring, and solve this very big problem.


Why we created SafeStay365

SafeStay365 addresses three main problems in hospitality.



As a guest, knowing that your room stays safe and secure while you're out for the day is EVERYTHING. At the end of the day, this is someone elses property that you are staying at. Their terms. Their everything. The assurance of knowing coupled with the power of awareness brings your guest a long way to experiencing the same feelings of security as they do when they are in their own home.


SafeStay365 serves people on both sides of the room door. This is a scalable, robust system for awareness. Now your staff know when someone is in a room; without compromising privacy. And your guests know when someone (like housekeeping) enters.

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