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Hotel Experience.

88% of the people we've surveyed say they would love to have SafeStay365 in their room as an amenity during their next stay.

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The guest will receive the link to verify the guest. If the guest doesn’t want to use it, they just simply opt out.


While guest stay in the hotel, they can easily view their room status. When housekeeping enters their rooms to clean. Enjoy their stay.


When guests check out, (or even forgot to check out) we will know the room status.

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Running a hotel successfully isn’t easy. Let SafeStay365 help you and your staff by giving you a high level view of all the moving pieces at a glance!

One Simple Interface

Know if someone is in their room before you knock; all while maintaning 100% guest privacy.

No App to Download

Access through the Cloud on any device, plus up to 50,000 data messages held during internet outages.

Installs in Just Minutes Per Room

No touch-up, No marks, No wiring, No clean-up, No engineering.


Analytics & Historical Data

No cameras, no heatmaps, no outlines. Works independently from hotel’s Wi-Fi, future-proof over-the-air software updates

Clarity at a Glance

Get a real-time view of your hotel at a glance.

Staff Safety Always Comes First

Providing a Panic Alert System to your staff not only creates an environment where they feel safe, but it can build loyalty and efficiency as well. Hoteliers are now facing an even bigger safety concern ― protecting their staff and guests from an invisible threat that puts their lives at risk by just coming to work. Having the power to locate an employee within seconds of a distress call helps hoteliers create a safe, confident workplace — ensuring the wellbeing of staff, just as they are expected to care for the welfare of guests.


An Interface For Effectiveness

SafeStay365 makes it easy to stay on top of your daily tasks.

Tracking for hotels


Assign geopositioned tasks with geo-analytics to optimize processes.


Immediately update the information about space reorganization.


Increase staff and guest safety through better awareness.


Improve management and the auditing of staff activity from a single screen.

“Resilience buys you time.
Adaptability gets you business.”

Chip Conley, Modern Elder Academy | Founder