We are excited to deploy SafeStay365 in 2021 as we know this will help in the recovery process for many hotels that have been hit hard by COVID-19. We would like to invite you to join our journey!


Don Bahlman

CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneurial since his teens, Don is a 30 year veteran in technology. His work has been seen on CNN, MTV, Discovery Channel, and Forbes Magazine. His strength of bringing together right professionals with the right vision continues to inspire this new approach to hospitality insight.


Jessica Bahlman

CMO & Co-Founder

Educator. Thinker. Strategist. Jessica has led tours for students abroad and built a marketing team of over 100. With a huge passion to help, she drives her startup to a strong media presence, leads brand messaging and research, and counters disruptions sweeping hospitality.

“Resilience buys you time.
Adaptability gets you business.”

Chip Conley, Modern Elder Academy | Founder