Why SafeStay Air?

Tourists book AirBnB accommodations because of low cost, convenient location, and household amenities. However, opting for these benefits doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the sense of safety and awareness that’s associated with well-established hotels.

SafeStay-Air helps property owners limit damages and energy usage without invading their renters’ privacy or making them feel uncomfortable with hidden cameras. SafeStay-Air’s discreet, easy-installation sensors and user-friendly interface are the perfect way for owners to monitor the status of their AirBnB without needing to make constant trips to their property. Welcome to your “smart home away from home!”

Our Product


SafeStay-Air is an awareness system that helps property owners and guests be in the loop on the status of their AirBnB at all times, giving everyone greater peace of mind.

  • Real-time data
  • Smart IoT technology
  • User-friendly interface
  • At-a-glance analytics
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Temperature
  • Water leakage
  • In-room presence
  • Light
  • Humidity

Water leaking sensor

You will be aware if appliances are left leaking in your property.

Lumen Sensor

Recieve an overview of light usage in your property.

Door motion sensor

You can opt to be notified when people enter or exit your property.

How it works


SafeStay-Air is a self-monitoring awareness system that uses various IoT sensors to collect real-time motion, temperature, humidity, and water leakage data. Important data is made available to guests and property owners in real-time through our cloud-based, user-friendly interface so that travelers can enjoy their stay worry-free.

Guest check-in

Guests can opt-in to receive notifications regarding their AirBnB’s status. SafeStay365 is completely cloud-based, so no app download is required.

Guest stay

Guests will have peace of mind throughout their stay knowing that nobody is entering their AirBnB or invading their privacy via cameras.

Guest checkout

Guests will stop receiving notifications regarding the property once they leave, but will easily be able to reconnect to SafeStay365 next time they stay at an AirBnB equipped with the system.

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