An Uninvited Guest

Reddit user u/deveronii asked the question, “Hotel workers of Reddit, what is the worst thing you have found in a room after a guest’s stay?” The thread was filled with thousands of horrifying comments, including one user who found a bear in their room. 


“A lot had to happen for this to occur. A guest unloaded his motorcycle from his truck and left the ramp down. This was right outside a first-floor room with a balcony. The guest that was staying in said room had ordered room service, left it uncovered, left the balcony door open, and went to the pool. The guest returned to their room, then promptly went down to reception and reported there was a bear in their room. Puzzled, we quietly approached the room and slowly opened the door. Lo and behold, there was a bear eating room service and making a mess. We called Parks Canada to deal with it.”


-u/little_asian_man_89, Reddit