Extended Stay

While staying in Denver, I decided to work form my hotel room for the day. A bit later, housekeeping came by. She was very nice, and I said it was okay to clean my room now, if she wanted. As she cleaned, we began a conversation. I asked if she enjoyed her job. She said, “Oh yes, this is a great hotel to be with”. I asked how she felt when people were in their room? Her answer surprised me a little.

She said,” “If there is a woman in the room, I feel fine. But if there’s a only a guy, I feel really uneasy. You know? At the hotel, we have certain protocols to follow? , she continued. “It’s for our safety.” I asked her if you haad a way to know when people were in their room, would that make your job easier?” Would you beel better? She replied,” Oh yes! That would be a great help. Anything so that I don’t feel isolated during the day.” She lit up. “That would change everything. It would be great! For all of us.”

Jessica B.