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How is the technology of SafeStay365 relevant to hospitality?

SafeStay365 provides hotel safety and awareness for housekeeping and guests.

How often can I expect upgrades for your technology?

We push software updates periodically and seamlessly as needed. We will make sure that the latest updates are always available for you.

Is your IoT technology secure?

Data security is always the top priority for our service to your hotel. SafeStay365 has bank-level AES security. It’s very important that both your data and your guests remain secure.

Do you put cameras in my room?

NO. We use sensors in the room. No heat mapping, and no cameras.

What if I don't want to use SafeStay365?

Easy, you can just opt-out and you won’t receive any messages from us about your room.

Will my personal information remain private?

Absolutely. We are guests too. And when we travel we want to know our personal info is kept safe and secure. Privacy is at the top of our list.

How do I see my room status?

It’s simple and automated. No downloading, installing or trying to find that app from the last time you were at that one hotel. Ugh! SafeStay365 just works. When you check-in, you’ll receive a text or email. Tap the link and choose to “opt-in”. Once we’ve verify that you are you, you’ll be able to see that your room is ready, secure, and waiting for your arrival. It only takes a few seconds. During your stay, you will be able to see when someone, like housekeeping, enters your room. And when you check-out, SafeStay365 automatically ends your subscription. So your info and the guests’ before and after you stay secure and private.

Why do I need SafeStay365?

In the rare occasion of double booking or if someone is in your room who shouldn’t be, you’ll get a notification to see the front desk. In this way, you avoid any awkwardness or a potential threat. You can also see when Housekeeking is in your room. So you know when your room has been cleaned.