SafeStay365 will not only give you an edge on the competition but on the unknowns that can arise during your day.

Template Ease of use 01 The SafeStay365 interface is designed to give guests and hotel staff a convenient, straightforward experience. Room Occupancy Our motion sensors allow guests and hotel staff to know when a room is occupied without invading guests’ privacy. 02 Efficiency As much as 90% of energy loss can be attributed to empty guest rooms, which the hotel still has to pay for. 03 Panic Button With a push of a button, staff can call the front desk or security for extra assistance if needed. 04 Battery Backup 24-Hr Battery Backup All our gateways come with a 24-hour battery backup, so if power is ever lost, our system stays live. 05 First Responders "What if..." something happened to the building. First Responders will know if there was room presence. 06